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    When you work with us, you’re benefiting from the best advice available, drawn from our extensive experience in the courtroom. We have recovered millions for our clients by using and changing Montana law.


    Very professional attorneys with a great courtroom presence.

    Dean Koffler

    Caitlin is amazing! She is very professional and personable and I’m grateful I got her as my attorney. I would highly recommend her! I am forever grateful for having her on my side and if I do ever get in any legal trouble she is the first person I’d call!

    Chaya Schandelson

    The Boland Aarab Firm is a glowing example of professionalism. Their reputation in the legal community is solid. This firm’s attorneys provide top-notch representation in criminal and civil matters. They are committed to serving their community and advocate fiercely for their clients. Cait and Sam are skilled trial attorneys who come armed with a wealth of legal knowledge. I would highly recommend The Boland Aarab firm for your legal needs.

    Claire Lettow

    I have had the pleasure of working with Sam and Caitlin on a variety of cases and I have been impressed with not only their knowledge of the law, but their commitment to serving their clients and striving for their best outcome. If you have a civil or criminal case, I highly recommend you call and speak with one or both of them before you make any decisions.

    Northern Lights Investigations, LLC

    When I needed prompt and effective legal representation, Caitlin Boland Aarab was the best person for the job. She was easy to talk to, comprehensive in her work, and got results for me in a matter of days. There wasn’t a single moment I didn’t feel like I was in the very best hands with her. Hopefully I won’t ever find myself in the same position I was but if I do, Caitlin will be the very first person I call. Would strongly recommend this firm.

    Emily Harris

    Sam and Caitlin are two of the hardest working attorneys I have had the pleasure of interacting with. They each possess a genuine passion for the law and clients they represent. Both are very skilled advocates in all aspects of criminal defense.

    Tyler F

    Boland Aarab PLLP offered legal help in a time of significant stress, and I was comforted by timely and clear communication throughout the process. I am eternally grateful for Caitlin’s expertise, kindness, and all of the questions answered. Most importantly, I was confident in my representation. Thank you!

    Taylor McDermott

    I highly recommend Sam, Caitlin, and their team, they are phenomenal at their jobs. They are extremely detail-oriented, organized, honest, and knowledgeable. They were great at communicating with me and my family throughout the entire process. They helped my family through one of the most stressful times of our lives and helped us achieve the outcome we had prayed for. We cannot recommend or thank them enough.

    Kirsten Voegel

    Samir assisted us through a difficult situation with an optimal outcome. His infinite knowledge, along with his heartfelt intent was beyond measure. I recommend him highly and without reservation!

    Colleen Dabler

    Sam and Caitie are authentic, caring professionals that know their business. Their team is genuinely interested in helping people in need, and this is exactly what they did for my family.

    Matt Blandford

    I asked Caitlin and Samir to be lead co-counsel on a challenging federal case that required their legal intellect and passion for justice. As a result, our client completely prevailed. I recommend this firm without reservation.

    Mike Best

    My wife and I retained this law firm to resolve a civil suit that took over 4 years to settle. Their knowledge of the law and their tenacity through out this law suit was remarkable, there is no quit in them. the case was settled in our favor. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any problems you may have.

    Tom Konesky


    A serious accident can change your life overnight. The cost of your injury could leave you with medical bills and other expenses that are difficult or impossible to pay. When someone else is at fault for your recent injury, call an experienced attorney who can help you hold all responsible parties accountable. A Great Falls personal injury lawyer at Boland Aarab PLLP can give your case the attention it deserves while helping you seek the compensation you are rightfully owed. Call us today to speak with a member of our team. Our attorneys have a proven track record of helping clients and holding wrongdoers accountable. Whether you've been injured in a truck or car wreck, or you're a victim of a construction or work site incident, or any other personal injury, we are here to offer our unwavering support and legal expertise.

    At Boland Aarab, achieving results for our clients is at the core of everything we do. From the moment you come to us seeking justice, we dedicate ourselves to guiding you through the entire legal process, from the initial intake to the jury's verdict, and even beyond.

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    Our commitment to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients extends to taking cases all the way up to appeal and back. We are proud of our track record of winning appeals and making significant legal changes in Montana.

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    You have the right to recover damages if you have been a victim of negligence, and we are here to fight tirelessly to ensure you receive the maximum award possible. With more than 3,000 hours in the courtroom, at Boland Aarab we understand the impact that a negligent accident can have on your life...

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    At Boland Aarab PLLP, we offer expert legal representation in a variety of practice areas to assist individuals who have been affected by personal injuries.


    At Boland Aarab we believe that money and power should not control access to the courtroom. That is why we dedicate our practice to the people who cannot afford an attorney. We believe that everyone should have the benefit of an excellent lawyer no matter where you are from, how much money you have or who you know.

    If the rich and powerful are getting a top rated attorney you should too. But we are not here to help them, we are here to help people. If you become our client, we promise to provide you with uncompromising courtroom excellence from the beginning to the end of your case.

    We hope you choose us to fight for you, because when you do, we take the responsibility of representing you seriously. That’s why we spend time with our clients, in their homes and neighborhoods, listening to their stories. As as consequence, judges and juries can tell that we care about our clients.

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    Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

    Personal injury cases encompass many types of claims caused by negligence. Auto accidents like car crashes, truck wrecks, pedestrian accidents, and motorcycle collisions are typical examples of injury claims caused by a person or entity’s recklessness.

    However, personal injury claims can also extend to other negligence-based incidents. These can include instances of:

    A skilled Great Falls personal injury attorney at Boland Aarab PLLP can assist someone harmed in any of these incidents caused by someone else’s misconduct. To prove a personal injury claim based on negligence, an injured person must demonstrate the at-fault person:

    • Owed them a legal duty of care
    • Violated that duty
    • Caused their injuries and losses

    Once these elements are established, the person harmed could be compensated for the damages the injury causes.

    Dog bite attacks are another common type of personal injury claim. However, according to Montana Code Annotated § 27-1-715, someone injured by a dog can hold a dog owner liable for civil damages regardless of whether negligence was involved or the owner knew that the dog had a propensity for violence.

    Intentional Acts

    An injury claim can also arise after an intentional act, such as a criminal act of violence. Separate from the criminal justice system’s penalties, the person harmed can sue wrongdoers for monetary damages through the civil court system to recover the value of their losses. A seasoned lawyer can guide a claimant through this process and secure comprehensive payment.

    Seeking Compensation After an Accident

    It is important to contact a Great Falls accident attorney as soon as possible after suffering harm in an accident.
    In Montana, most personal injury claims are subject to a three-year statute of limitations, starting on the incident date. Missing this filing window could mean the harmed person misses out on compensation.
    Multiple forms of monetary damages may be available to personal injury victims.

    Recoverable losses could include:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Emotional distress
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of Consortium

    An experienced injury lawyer in Great Falls can help an injured party seek fair monetary damages for the full extent of their losses.

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    We are ready to listen to you. We take pride in representing people who need help, have been injured or cheated. Come talk to us to discuss what we can do for you.

    Discuss Your Case With a Compassionate Great Falls Personal Injury Attorney

    After a severe accident, the recovery process can be stressful. Compensation for your losses could make all the difference in your life. However, proving liability can be challenging. Insurance companies and big corporations often try to deflect responsibility to avoid paying out claims.

    At Boland Aarab PLLP, we pride ourselves on helping Montana residents receive the fair payments they deserve. A Great Falls personal injury lawyer at our firm could help you navigate the legal system and represent your interests both inside and outside the courtroom. Call our office today to discuss your potential claim with a seasoned lawyer.

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