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It can be very hard to find legal resources or an attorney. At Boland Aarab, we know how difficult it can be to find legal help if you don’t have time or money to fund an attorney. Unfortunately, we can’t always help. 

This is a very common problem. 

The Montana Supreme Court has established the Access to Justice Commission, dedicated to expanding access to justice in civil legal matters. They are committed to increasing access to justice in Montana

The most important thing is to do something. Write down what happened, organize a timeline, and keep photos, emails, and other documentation of your problem. And remember, all problems, if not resolved, may end in a court of law. If that happens, a judge, the lawyers, and a jury might sit in judgment of what happened years prior. They will review your actions and anybody else’s and pass judgment accordingly. Our courts are founded on discovering the truth, which means everything that everyone involved has done is potentially coming out. 

However, here are some resources that you can use to help you find an attorney or resolve an issue:

  1. Montana Legal Services Association (MTLSA): Reach out to MTLSA, an organization committed to helping Montana consumers enforce their rights. They will take your call, and depending on your problem, they will either refer your case or help you. 
  2. Cascade Law Clinic (Cascade County): In Cascade County, the Cascade Law Clinic primarily assists with family law issues and may help connect you with an attorney for pro bono representation.

For broader resources, you can explore:

  1. Montana Office of Consumer Protection: If your issue involves a Montana business, file a complaint with the Office of Consumer Protection. Here, you can file a complaint review of prior complaints made about Montana businesses. They also have informational resources about scams and other consumer protection issues. 
  2. National Consumer Law Center (NCLC): While the NCLC may not respond to individual complaints, they offer valuable information and resources that can assist consumers in need.
  3. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): As a government agency, the CFPB implements and enforces federal consumer financial laws, ensuring fair, transparent, and competitive markets for consumer financial products and services.
  4. If you need to find a statute, law, or rule, you can look here

These resources are here to provide support and guidance tailored to your specific situation. Boland Aarab attorneys have both worked for the consumer protection agency, taken cases from the MTLSA and donated time and money to the Cascade County Law Clinic.