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When riding your bike, you hope that your safety is prioritized by car, truck, and bus drivers and that your safety gear will protect you from hazards. However, cyclists face more risks than motorists and are often injured by reckless and negligent drivers. You have every right to pursue legal action when another driver’s careless actions cause you to suffer injuries and losses.

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Safety Tips to Avoid Crashes

Great Falls is an ideal location for cycling—for leisure, sightseeing, transportation, or sport. However, the high rate of cyclists in vehicle traffic can lead to severe crashes with devastating consequences.

Bicyclist Safety Tips

Following traffic rules and taking safety measures is vital. Bikers should:

  • Obey traffic rules, signs, and signals
  • Wear safety gear, including helmets, and use lights when riding at night
  • Travel as far to the right as possible or in the middle of the lane at intersections
  • Watch for hazards such as potholes, objects in the road, and vehicle doors flying open in the rider’s path

Even when riders have the right-of-way, they should always watch for careless drivers. A trusted bike accident attorney in Great Falls can help an injured cyclist prove they took proper precautions and that the fault lies with the automobile driver.


Motorist Safety Tips

Motorists must share the road with cyclists the same way they would any other driver. Drivers can help avoid crashes with bicyclists by remembering the following safety tips.

  • Drive with caution and constantly remain alert for bicyclists and other pedestrians
  • Keep a safe distance from cyclists and never pass unless there is adequate room to do so safely
  • Check for oncoming bicycles before opening the vehicle’s door

Most of the country is taking preventative measures and enacting new statutes to deter distracted driving and ensure these events do not hurt bicyclists. As an avoidable but primary cause of life-threatening and fatal accidents, distracted driving is often the leading cause of negligent behavior. A knowledgeable Great Falls bicycle wreck lawyer can prove negligence by showing a driver was distracted before the crash.


Cyclist Rights and Responsibilities

Cyclists have the same rights to roads as motor vehicle operators. Overtaking a rider without enough room or intentionally hindering their movement is unlawful under Montana state law. According to Montana Code Annotated § 61-8-602, bicyclists have the same rights and obligations while traveling on state roadways as other motorists. Traffic laws also prohibit parking or driving automobiles in marked bicycle lanes.

Knowing the safety rules and traffic laws can help keep bike riders safe and hold the negligent party financially accountable after accidents caused by at-fault motorists. A skilled bike collision attorney in Great Falls can investigate to find the evidence needed to prove fault and recover damages from the liable party.


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Accidents involving bicycles and cars often lead to catastrophic effects. While vehicles can help protect motorists, cyclists are physically vulnerable to severe bodily harm and trauma.

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