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Our experience stretches from the local to the national level.  we are committed to our clients and that is reflected in what we achieve for them, and what we can achieve for you. 
Our Results

Consumer protection action against successfully litigated and settled for client initially sued for defaulting on debt.

Multiyear litigation regarding insurance coverage dispute under ERISA. Client prevailed in district court after successfully litigating the coverage dispute.

State of Montana conceded that District Court erred by imposing a restitution obligation that did not adhere to the mandates of the applicable sentencing statutes.

Montana Supreme Court published 70-page opinion about an unconstitutionally prolonged stop by law enforcement and held that the  "evidence at issue was subject to suppression pursuant to the exclusionary rules as evidence discovered and seized as a direct result of police exploitation of an unlawfully prolonged warrantless investigative stop." Client's conviction was reversed.

  • Cheryl Voegel v. Devyn Salsbery DV-2021-07

Client was rear-ended after stopping at an intersection in downtown Malta, Montana. Plaintiff suffered soft-tissue injury and experienced considerable pain for years. Case proceeded to trial and a Malta jury returned a $168,500 verdict after 3 days of trial. ​

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