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Chelsey Moyer
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Chelsey joined Boland Aarab firm in November of 2021, and has worked as a legal assistant as well as a clerk for the District Court of Cascade County for over 6 years. She was the court clerk for Judge Elizabeth Best where she administered and managed several highly publicized trials. She has an extensive knowledge of the legal system, in both civil and criminal cases, as well as trial experience in a wide range of cases. 


Prior to engaging in the law Chelsey worked in the medical field specializing in handling medical records and in HIPAA compliance processes.


Chelsey provides an array of assistance to our team on every case, and she prides herself on being able to anticipate the attorneys’ and clients’ every need. 


Chelsey was raised in Helena, and now resides in Great Falls, MT with her husband and kids. She enjoys reading, gardening, crafting, quilting and anything outdoors.

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