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Reviews and Testimonials from our Clients

The lawyers here at Boland Aarab PLLP put the needs of our client’s first. We have built our reputation on ensuring that our clients understand what is happening with their case and doing everything within our power to obtain good outcomes for their cases. Below are some reviews from our clients.

Tom Konesky

My wife and I retained this law firm to resolve a civil suit that took over 4 years to settle. Their knowledge of the law and their tenacity through out this law suit was remarkable, there is no quit in them. the case was settled in our favor. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any problems you may have.

Mike Best

I asked Caitlin and Samir to be lead co-counsel on a challenging federal case that required their legal intellect and passion for justice. As a result, our client completely prevailed. I recommend this firm without reservation.

Matt Blandford

Sam and Caitie are authentic, caring professionals that know their business. Their team is genuinely interested in helping people in need, and this is exactly what they did for my family.

Colleen Dabler

Samir assisted us through a difficult situation with an optimal outcome. His infinite knowledge, along with his heartfelt intent was beyond measure. I recommend him highly and without reservation!
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